Hello baby elephant cards


Hi everyone, how are you today?  Im wanting to show you a few cards I have been making for new borns.  I was supposed to be doing a market but in the environment we live in it has been postponed to November, then we will make it Christmas market.  I need some baby cards and just love this little elephant.

For the first card I made a wobble using the same technique I used for the Birthday Bonanza toggle.  I chose natural colours for this card and then went onto do some coloured ones pictured below.  I stuck to a pastel theme and as soon as Ive finished blogging I will be making them in all colours.


How cute are the adorable Twins ❤


Seaside Spray and whisper white, very classic baby colours.


Purple posy and whisper white again super sweet colours for new borns.

I just want to reach out and say if anyone wants some fabulous craft interaction at this time, come and see me on Facebook, we have our group which is mainly class people but we do a lot of sharing and advice.

Thanks for stopping by the look at my cards, click on the images below if you wish to purchase something or even just clicking will take you to other ideas.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Hugs Lynsey xx


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